Designed and manufactured to any shape and size

BMP Tank Eco-Target

Precision Products' Eco-Targets are pre-assembled and can be quickly and easily deployed. Eco-Targets were developed to replace surplus vehicles and equipment used on the target practice range. The Eco-Target design is configured to utilize a series of interlocking slots and tabs. Our interlocking mechanisms help maintain integrity of the target configuration as ordinance is fired onto the targets. PPI Eco-Targets can be manufactured using AR500 or A36 steel. Our Eco-Targets can be designed and manufactured in any shape and size.

    Eco-Target Shapes (full & half size)

  •   BMP
  •   BRDM
  •   HMMWV
  •   Suicide Car
  •   T-72
  •   Technical Truck
  •   Any size & shape you want

Technical Truck Eco-Target